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  • Strength Training: Live Long and Prosper
    By Dave Lee, Physiotherapist   I’m a huge Trekkie if you couldn’t tell by the title. I sometimes wonder if the secret to Vulcans (the alien species which Spock was a part of) living so long, being so strong and smart, was due to the fact that they practiced strength training. If you look at the […]
    One to One Team - November 27, 2015
  • Does what you eat affect how you feel?
    By Dave Lee, Physiotherapist   Is there a connection between what you eat and your pain? Well here is a potential answer. An in depth look at gut bacteria and its anatomical/physiological connection to the nervous system and the brain. A “Gut” Feeling: How What You Eat May Affect Your Perception of Pain
    One to One Team - November 22, 2015
  • Fear and Pain
    By Nick Matheson Once again, the world is reeling from tragic circumstances. Once again, we are faced with the fear brought on by random and senseless attacks. Once again, the world is on high alert. The goal of terrorism is to terrorize and make us change the way we live. It just so happens that […]
    One to One Team - November 15, 2015
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