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Physiotherapy and massage therapy will help you overcome pain, increase speed of recovery, restore mobility and function, and improve self-management. Our focus on helping you overcome persistent pain and prevent chronic disease empowers you to keep doing whatever matters most to you. Physiotherapists offer direct access to service without the need for physician referral. Our team applies deep knowledge of pain science and movement therapy to accurately and efficiently understand your condition and overcome whatever stands in the way of optimal function. Do not allow your challenges to stop you from doing what you love. At One to One, you won’t just feel better; you’ll get...

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Overcome Pain and Feel Energized

If you are struggling with persistent neck, back, or joint pain, it’s important to know that you can feel well again. With the right help and guidance, you can learn how to enhance spinal and joint mobility and strengthen your body to get re-energized. There has been a huge amount of research in neuroscience and pain science in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, this evidence has not yet become a part of many medical and therapeutic approaches to the problem of pain. One to One therapists have extensive knowledge of pain management and advanced training in exercise, particularly as applied to a wide range of health concerns or medical conditions. We are committed to supporting healthy aging and successfully addressing the chronic conditions so prevalent, yet often ignored, in our society. Our therapists prioritize health promotion and preventative care to keep you at your best. (Less Pain + More Movement) x More Strength = A Better...

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Be Fit for the Road

Traveling more seems to be a goal near the top of many lists. Our clients consistently tell us how important their care is for keeping them comfortable and fit. There is nothing like taking a long hike, lugging suitcases on and off trains, or even strolling around your favorite city, to make you appreciate the value of joint comfort and muscle strength. We hear it every day. No one seems to be planning to slow down. Although it’s the extraordinary that makes us most aware of change and growth, improved mobility and strength make every day better. Everyone wants to be more active and, although we encourage doing more of whatever you love to do, activity alone is not sufficient to sustain joint and muscle health. Our therapists prescribe personalized exercise programs to help you perform better with less risk of pain and injury. There’s a big world out there. Be sure you’re health and fit to enjoy...

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The One to One Difference

Check out why One to One’s philosophy will work for you!

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Recent News

  • My Shoulder is Frozen?
    There is an awful condition called adhesive capsulitis, or more commonly referred to as frozen shoulder, that shows up in about 2% of the population, mostly between ages 40 and 60, and more often women than men.  It is associated with stiffness and pain in your shoulder and can be treated in many manners with […]
    One to One Team - August 30, 2015
  • Understanding Sensitive Nerves
    By Dave Lee, Physiotherapist AIGS stands for “Abnormal Impulse Generating Sites”, this is a normal physiological reaction of a nerve or group of nerves in the periphery. A “specific adaptation to imposed demands”. Basically the nerve generates more communication structures (ion channels) along a nerve to send a stronger message to the brain. An example would be like knocking […]
    One to One Team - August 25, 2015
  • Gardening Tips
    By Jamie Turnbull, Physiotherapist The weather is warming up and many of us are spending more time in our gardens lately. This can involve a range of activities from light to heavy tasks. It is easy to sustain an injury or feel pain with awkward movements, too much loading, or sustained postures. Adhering to some […]
    One to One Team - July 6, 2015
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