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Recent News

  • Sleep, Exercise, Eat, and Relax Your Way to a Stronger Immune System
    By Tara Patriquin, RMT Staying healthy is a balancing act between immune boosters and immunity drainers. After all, we’re surrounded by things that compromise our immune system on a daily basis, whether it’s pollution, questionable lifestyle choices, or viruses, to name a few. It seems that at no time do we hear more about “immune […]
    One to One Team - March 14, 2016
  • Shoveling Tips From A Halifax Physiotherapist
    Safety tips from Jamie Turnbull, Physiotherapist! Being a physiotherapist in Halifax, Nova Scotia means you see a lot of patients who injure their back shoveling. After experiencing an unusual warm Christmas day, we are now faced with reality… winter is officially here. There is snow on the ground and we will be confronted with having to […]
    One to One Team - January 11, 2016
  • Strength Training: Live Long and Prosper
    By Dave Lee, Physiotherapist I’m a huge Trekkie if you couldn’t tell by the title. I sometimes wonder if the secret to Vulcans (the alien species which Spock was a part of) living so long, being so strong and smart, was due to the fact that they practiced strength training. If you look at the people […]
    One to One Team - November 27, 2015
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Free Physiotherapy Screening

Book a FREE physio screening!

If you’re looking for physiotherapy near you in Halifax, a free physiotherapy screening at One To One Wellness is the best way to evaluate what to expect from your physiotherapy and your physiotherapist.

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