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Fibromyalgia Assocation Canada - Guest Speaker Cecilia Oscarson 'Using Psychology to Transform or Relationship to Pain'

Fibromyalgia and Motion

Physiotherapist Tyler Dillman discusses Fibromyalgia and Motion presented by Fibromyalgia Association Canada.

Persistent Pain

Here at One to One Wellness we believe that people need to understand their pain if we're going to help them to get rid of it. Physiotherapists Keltie Cheney and Tyler Dillman share quick facts and analogies to help you build a better understanding of persistent pain. We hope this 45 minute presentation encourages you to take the next steps on your road to recovery.

Physiotherapy and
The Chronic Pain Patient

Explore the crucial role of physiotherapy in chronic pain management. Learn about the biopsychosocial model, scope of practice, and patient expectations for optimal health. Discover the intersection of science and holistic care.

Chronic Pain Empowerment Part 2: Motivate To Move: A Pain Dilemma.
Chronic Pain Empowerment Part 1: Motivate To Move: A Pain Dilemma.

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