Do You Have Sore Knees?

A person holding their sore knee.

What are Causes of Knee Pain?

There can be many causes of sore knees and it is important to get an assessment to determine the best treatment approach to take.
Here is a list of some possible sources of knee pain:

Who Can Diagnose Knee Pain?

Your knee pain can be diagnosed by any primary health care practitioner such as a Physiotherapist. Osteopaths are also highly trained in diagnosing knee pain.

What type of treatments are used for knee pain?

Can Knee Pain Be Serious?

The most common thing seen as a result of knee pain is a reduced ability to perform daily and enjoyed activities.  This can include the inability to run, or the ability to do stairs.

What Can I Do for Sore Knees?

Modify but do not avoid activity all together.

Strengthen your core, hips, and knees and increase your ankle mobility: The knees are often described as door hinges between the hip and the ankle. This means they are significantly influenced (as most areas of the body are), by what is happening at the hip and the ankles. Most often we try and encourage people to strengthen and reduce tension in their core and hip musculature and work on their ankle range of motion as well.

Get Assessed - If you are experiencing sore knees it is best to get them assessed to help determine how you can eliminate the pain you are experiencing and get you back to the things you enjoy.

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