Post-Operative Physiotherapy in Halifax, NS

A person putting on their knee brace post-surgery.

Post-operation pain and related effects are common so don’t be afraid to be a bother. Let your doctors know if you feel any discomfort following your surgery. It’s only natural to experience pain or see your movements become limited to a certain extent. And the medical team will do what they can to help you.

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Be sure to advise your doctor if you are allergic to any type of pain medication. Controlling pain is crucial to help you recover faster and so you can also prevent complications after your surgery.

You may feel various types of postoperative pain not only on the site of the surgery. Your throat may feel sore. You may feel discomfort in your neck, shoulders, and back. And you may also experience pain when moving around or performing usual everyday activities such as walking.

Relieving Pain and Post-Surgical Consequences Without Medication

If you’re hesitant about taking medications, try physiotherapy.

Post-operation physiotherapy aims to help improve your range of movement, strengthen your muscles, and help you get back to moving on your own.

Depending on the type of surgery you have undergone, physiotherapy sessions can take up to a couple of months.

Post-operative Physiotherapy Treatment

Post-operation pain rehabilitation is used for various surgical procedures, such as orthopedic, cardiac, and abdominal surgery. These are surgeries that may have particular effects that physiotherapy can help ease.

For orthopedic patients, post-operative physiotherapy can help provide solutions to pain, reduced mobility, balance, coordination, and postural issues. Cardiac surgery patients can overcome issues such as breathing difficulties, pain, and postural problems.

And for patients that have recently gone through an abdominal surgery, problems including pain and reduced mobility can be addressed with physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists first assess your physical function. This includes your muscle power, range of movement, and balance. They then develop an appropriate treatment program.

Part of the treatment is educating you about restrictions in your movements that the surgery may have caused. The knowledge imparted by physiotherapists can help you move with confidence while being careful so as not to put pressure on structures of your body that are currently healing.

Benefits of Post-Operative Rehabilitation

A surgery is not over the moment you’re sent home.

For your operation to be successful, hard work on your part is crucial. Often, physiotherapy is also done prior an operation to ensure maximum strength and mobility going into the surgery and the process continues once you’re discharged.

Physiotherapists encourage you to exercise to increase mobility of affected muscles and joints. Here are more benefits of a post-operative rehabilitation program.

Anyone who recently had a surgery can benefit from a post-surgical rehabilitation program. Surgeries can have physical and psychological effects on patients. Physiotherapists can guide you in setting short and long-term goals so you can reduce anxiety and focus on your recovery.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Program in Halifax

At One to One Wellness, we accommodate patients before and after undergoing surgical procedures. Restore your strength and confidence with a post-operative rehabilitation program. For inquiries, call us today at (902) 425-3775.

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