Referring Practitioner

A dentist meeting with a client.

Why Refer Your Patients to One to One Wellness

As a medical professional, your primary concern is the well-being and recovery of your patients. At One to One Wellness in Halifax, we share that goal. We believe in providing comprehensive, personalized, and innovative care that complements your medical treatment plans. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider referring your patients to us.

Our Cancer Rehab Program

This program has been designed based on the Ontario Cancer Care Guidelines for Exercise which states the following:

  • β€œPeople living with cancer can safely engage in moderate amounts of exercise while on active treatments or post completion of treatments”

  • β€œExercise provides benefits in quality of life and muscular and aerobic fitness and does not cause harm”

  • β€œThe potential benefits of exercise far exceed the potential associated riskβ€œ

What are the components of the program?


One hour Initial Assessment

One 30-Minute Session: Goal Setting and Pain Education


One 30-Minute Session: Intro to Mobility and Pacing

One 30-minute session: Mobility Review & Intro to Strength


Two 30 Minute Sessions: Mobility and Strength


One hour Reassess / Review

One 30-minute session: Pain Education and Mobility Progressions

WEEK 5-6

Two 30-minute sessions: Mobility and Strength


One 30 Minute Session: Mobility and Strength

One 30 Min. Session: Mobility Progressions and Strength


One 30-minute session: Mobility and Strength

One hour reassessment and continuity Plan

* This is a proposed outline and can be changed based on individual needs and goals