Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation

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Our experienced team works together to help you recover and manage any injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

What to expect?

Most often, you will be assessed by one of our Physiotherapists to help diagnose injuries such as concussions, whiplash disorders, sprains/strains and other injuries that may have occurred. They do this through getting a detailed history of the accident, getting you to move in various ways, and performing diagnostic tests. After this assessment your Physiotherapist will then take the time to educate you on your injuries and the both of you will set goals for your treatment plan.

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 You may be referred to other team members if it is determined appropriate by you and your attending physician.

Massage Therapy and Osteopathy is often used in motor vehicle accident rehabilitation as they help improve pain, promote relaxation of your tissues, and improve overall mobility and tolerance to daily activities.

Should I see a psychologist after my motor vehicle accident?

A motor vehicle accident is a traumatic event and can instantly change our lives in a variety of ways including severely impact our mental health. If you answer yes to any of these questions than it is worthwhile to discuss with your healthcare team how a Psychologist can help:

  1. Are you finding yourself reliving or thinking about the accident on a regular basis?
  2. Are you feeling anxious about returning to driving or returning to work/daily activities?
  3. Are you angry that you were in a motor vehicle accident?
  4. Have you had pain as a result of your accident for over 3 months?

What do motor vehicle accident treatment plans look like?

Most often injuries are healed within 3 months. You can expect to see your Physiotherapist 1-2 times per week throughout this. Depending on the severity of these injuries, this timeline can be longer.

One to One Physiotherapy sessions are dedicated to you. Your Physiotherapist will work one on one with you using education to learn about your pain,

Do I have to pay for motor vehicle accident rehabilitation?

No, all you have to worry about is getting better!  This cost is covered through your motor vehicle insurance company and our clinic will direct bill your insurance company for all our services.

At your first visit, our administrative team will collect your Insurance information, including your case manager and your claim number. Depending on if you are in-protocol or out of protocol – we may have to collect your extended health benefits plan- this is something we can discuss in our clinic.

At One to One Wellness our entire team will work together to help you recover from the physical and emotional injuries that can result after a motor vehicle accident. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know being involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident can be overwhelming. Knowing what steps to take can help ease this overwhelm. That’s why we at One to One Wellness have created the guide β€œEverything You Need to Know After Experiencing a Motor Vehicle Accident in Nova Scotia”. Our hope is that this guide serves as a comprehensive and supportive resource, guiding accident victims through their recovery journey. With a focus on understanding injuries, seeking prompt medical attention, and the value of physiotherapy in the healing process, the guide empowers patients to make informed decisions your physical and emotional well-being after an accident.

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