Virtual Physio

Don’t suffer alone: self-isolating does not mean there is no help available.

With 15+ years of helping Nova Scotians Manage their Chronic Pain and Chronic Conditions, Our Virtual Physio team is here for you.

What is Virtual Physio?

Virtual Physio is a method of delivering rehabilitation services without having to be in-person with your physiotherapist. All you need is access to a laptop or tablet with a microphone and camera.

These types of sessions can be used for education, exercise review, and exercise prescription purposes. It is an easy way to continue your health and wellness goals if attending your appointments at One to One Wellness are proving to be difficult.

Appointments can include the following:

  • A detailed history of your pain experience and how it is impacting your life
  • A mobility assessment- Helps determine affected structures and in program designs
  • Pain Neuroscience Education: Learn more about Pain and how it relates to you
  • Home Strengthening Program - get started with a strengthening program that is safe for you
  • Home Mobility Program- Learn to assess your own body and how to keep your nervous system happy and moving
  • Pacing and Energy Management Practices-Learn how to plan your day so not to overload your body.
  • Goal Setting: We will help with setting goals to return to the things you love.
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What to expect?

The service is provided via Skype, Zoom, or Telephone. We will ask you to leave your Skype username, email address, or telephone number that you can be reached at and our physiotherapist will contact you at your scheduled appointment time. Your physiotherapist will then be able to discuss your rehabilitation program, educate you, observe your movement, prescribe exercises and determine if progressions are recommended. Please wear loose clothing and be in a space where you can move with ease.

How do I pay and how much for this service?

A valid credit card must be on file prior to your scheduled appointment time. Payments will be billed as a regular physiotherapy session and some of the cost may be offset by your private health insurance.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can Book Online or call us at (902) 425-3775 and speak with our friendly physiotherapists..

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