Understanding CRPS: a Path to Pain Management and Recovery

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Many of our neighbours in the busy city of Halifax, where Atlantic breeze meets vibrant local life, are silently navigating through their days with chronic pain. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is one of the most complex and severe conditions. We at One to One Wellness are dedicated to bringing awareness to these lesser-known conditions and offering hope to those who suffer from them.

What is CRPS?

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome can be a confusing condition that often occurs after a traumatic injury, a stroke or hepatitis. The pain is excessive and disproportionate to the severity and location of the injury.

Types of CRPS

  1. Type I: This form of CRPS is diagnosed when there is no direct injury or illness that impacts the nerves. These are the majority of cases.

  2. Type II: This form of CRPS is diagnosed when there clear evidence of injury or illness that damages the nerve.

Causes of CRPS

Although the exact cause of CRPS is unknown, it is believed to be caused by a malfunctioning central and peripheral nervous system, which causes them to send incorrect or frequent pain signals. The pain and other symptoms of CRPS are caused by this miscommunication.

Other causes of CRPS include:

  • Surgery
  • Heart attack
  • Infections
  • Muscle strain
  • Bone fracture

Recognizing the symptoms

The symptoms of CRPS can vary, but they usually include:

  • Burning pain
  • Sensitivity to cold or touch
  • Swelling
  • Changes in the skin’s colour or temperature

The pain caused by CRPS is debilitating for many people, and can affect their ability to function on a daily basis.

Physiotherapy Treatment for CRPS

Physiotherapy is a new hope for those who are battling CRPS. By addressing the physical and mental aspects of the disorder, physiotherapy is able to play a crucial role in managing symptoms.

We at One to One Wellness approach CRPS in a collaborative, compassionate and knowledgeable manner. Each case of CRPS, as unique as each individual we serve, is treated with a customized treatment plan.

Our Unique Approach

Our clinic has a dedicated team of physiotherapists that work closely with the patients to develop tailored treatment strategies. These include:

  • Graded Motor Imagery. A stepwise approach to retraining our body’s perception of movement with severe pain syndromes such as CRPS. Please click here for more information on Graded Motor Imagery.
  • Manual therapy: Gentle movements and manipulations to alleviate pain and improve functionality.
  • Education on Pain: By understanding CRPS, and the impact it has on the body, patients can better manage their symptoms.
  • Exercise therapy: Customized exercises that gradually increase strength, flexibility and mobility, without exacerbating the symptoms.
  • Stress management techniques: Because stress can increase pain, we integrate strategies such as breathing exercises and mindfulness to promote relaxation.
  • Pain Self Management Program: Our newest program designed to revolutionize pain management offers quicker access to essential education and effective strategies to help you navigate your CRPS journey.

Your journey to wellness

Your health and wellbeing are the top priority at One to One Wellness. We are committed to creating an environment that allows individuals to feel heard, seen and capable of sustainable health. We are here to guide you and anyone you care about through the recovery process.

One to One Wellness is your partner in Halifax, a community known for its resilience. Contact us today at (902) 425-3775 or click here to request a FREE screening. Together, we will face CRPS in a head-on manner, empowering you with the tools to reclaim life and vitality.