Third Step to Health Empowerment: Muscle

When your natural growth rate stops, your body begins to lose muscle unless you are doing something to slow or reverse this process. Known as #sarcopenia, this is the common link to almost everything we call “aging” and is also highly correlated with many chronic diseases. In most people, this process begins in the mid-20’s and accelerates every decade, eventually leading to the loss of functional ability that many consider a normal part of getting older. Thankfully, this can almost be completely avoided and if you #maintainyourmuscle you have a much better chance of remaining healthy and active well into your elder years.

When you properly stimulate the muscular system with progressive resistance to #growstronger, you also enhance bone density, improve cardiovascular function, and support joint function. Strength training may not quite be the #fountainofyouth, but it’s the closest thing we currently have.

#healthempowerment #strengthenyourhealth