Rehab - Helping you get better

A physiotherapy treatment room at 121 Wellness.

In physiotherapy, we do rehab.

Another way of seeing rehab is promoting growth, development, renewal, and progressing along your life path. At every stage of life there are different things happening in your world and different feelings you may have. In your life you will have different experiences of your body, your health and your abilities. Everyone goes through challenging times. There are rocky roads that we sometimes go down. We may get stuck. We may get a flat tire. Yet, time and our life keeps progressing. There are always things that are changing.

In physiotherapy, we explore and support healthy changes in your life.

In particular, things that make sense to you. You have values, things you care about, things that inspire you and things that matter to you. You want to participate in your life and the things you care about, but there are challenges. You may have some challenging life circumstances. You may have pain in your body. You may have lost abilities or fear losing something that is important to you. The things we care about the most can end up being the most painful when they are threatened. For every individual this would be different. Often in physiotherapy we see people who are struggling with pain and difficulty with physical activities. You might not be sure about how to get started with getting better.

So what is rehab?

Rehab is seeing the potential, rehab is finding the sparks of goodness that can bring back the flame of your life. You might love walking, playing with grandkids, gardening, or doing a particular type of work or profession. Rehab involves finding the path forward to do more of what you love and become yourself in your full potential.

This can involve:

  • Progressive exercise and physical activity.
  • Learning about the modern science of how pain works.
  • Working on healthy lifestyle changes - there is a lot of science demonstrating how they can positively impact your body.
  • Planning while listening - listening to your body while also making a plan to gradually build up your ability over time.

Rehab is not a straightforward path.

There are many possible routes to take which lead to different places and outcomes. With some coaching, finding the right path for you to get to where you want to be can be possible. But first, get out the map, start with where you are at and make a plan.

It is normal to have fears and concerns.

We naturally want to protect our bodies and what we have. There is a wide range of information out there and many different people who may have told you things that are scary. It is very common to feel like your body is broken and your body and life will not be able to change.

Physiotherapy is rooted in our body’s bioplasticity.

Bioplasticity is the ability of our body, all the systems of our body and the way our body feels to change with the right conditions and stimulus. Our body and our symptoms (things we feel) change day to day and while often there are patterns, the things that we do and the things happening in our day to day life impact our body, our health and how we feel. When we are struggling with health issues including pain, sometimes we may not feel good much of the time.

Rehab involves combining knowledge of science with your own personal values to explore the changeable and controllable factors in your life. Your life journey is evolving moment by moment, day by day. There are many possible paths to take. Sometimes getting started on a new path can be the hardest part.

So, let the dedicated team of physiotherapists at One to One Wellness support you on your healing journey. If you’re in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and need more information about how the process works, our team is happy to assist you.

Contact us today at (902) 425-3775. At One to One Wellness, we also offer a free screening to see if our professional team can help with your pain or other rehab.