Quarantine and exercise: 6 Tips to stay physically active

It isn’t always possible to get to the gym, playing field, or court. And if you’re in quarantine, it’s more challenging to stay active. Chances of engaging in sedentary activities or habits are high.

But the absence of physical activities may have negative impacts on your overall health and wellbeing. Even with no equipment and limited space at home, you can exercise and minimize sedentary habits.

Here are some tips so you can continue to exercise even when you need to stay at home during quarantine.

  1. Make it interesting.

Exercising indoors may sound uninspiring especially if you prefer having social connection when you work out. You probably miss working out with your personal trainer or gym buddies if you’re stuck at home or in a hotel room.

To help motivate you to exercise, you may invite a friend to join you or catch up with them while you’re exercising. You could listen to your favorite podcasts or put on some lively music.

To add a twist to your routine, try to check out video exercises inspired by other physical activities such as dancing and tennis.

  1. Create a customized exercise plan.

Since you have limited access to equipment and facilities, it helps to consult with a professional on alternative workout plans. Now more than ever, you need to protect yourself while exercising and minimize the risk of injury.

A physiotherapist in your area can work with you in developing an exercise routine with your fitness goals and limitations in mind. For instance, they can recommend tools that are easily accessible and safe so you can carry out specific workouts.

  1. Schedule time for exercise.

Exercising only when you feel like it may decrease the chances you’ll actually do it. Your odds improve if you set and stick to a convenient time for exercise.

The right time is individualized. You may thrive on an early morning routine. Or you may prefer to work out in the afternoon when your energy levels start to decline.

Consider setting up virtual sessions with your personal trainer to increase your sense of accountability.

  1. Watch video workouts online.

Gather inspiration or tips from professionals offering free video workouts.

This can work great especially if you already have an idea of the exercises that match your fitness goals.

You can even join live streams, work out with others at the same time, and feel that familiar sense of camaraderie again.

  1. Take breaks throughout the day.

Aside from your regular exercising, take quick breaks during the day to help you feel better.

Dance and play with children at home. Volunteer to take care of the garden or clean the house. These activities not only help you stay active but also allow you to get closer to your loved ones.

  1. Break sedentary habits.

Take every opportunity to avoid sitting for long periods. If you need to call or answer the phone, get up from your desk, and walk around your room or house.

If you have a standing desk, consider working while standing for a few minutes at a time. Install a fitness app so you can monitor your steps throughout the day. Challenge yourself to break your daily records.

Try new exercises during quarantine

Whether it’s your first time to partner with a personal trainer or your first time joining virtual workout sessions, have fun and make the most of the experience.

Exercise and quarantine may not seem an ideal pair but with creativity and a little push, you can continue to stay physically active. If there’s too much on your plate that you’re unable to work out, don’t beat yourself up.

Focus on getting back on track again. Think of the happiness that working out brings you, and give yourself little rewards for any progress you make.