First Step to Health Empowerment: Mindset

In many ways our medical system and reliance on experts has created a culture of dependence when it comes to health. Most people spend most of their time thinking, processing information, caught up in their heads and somewhat detached from their bodies. In his wonderful book, Mindsight, Dr. Daniel Siegel defines mind as the flow of energy and information between the brain, body, and relationships. Our minds extend beyond the confines of our skulls, reaching even into our interactions with others and the environment. Mindset, then, is not some steely resolve or analytical process. It is an all-encompassing awareness, grounded in the present moment. It is an openness to accept things as they are because it is only from that place that shift happens.

In a couple of weeks, my colleague, Tyler Dillman, and I will be leading a workshop on the 4 Steps to #healthempowerment. As health care professionals, our expertise is helping others interpret the language their bodies are speaking. We teach our clients to understand what is being communicated by their symptoms and show them how to respond to move toward greater well being. Come and learn with us!