Creating Headroom

Is your exercise program – or lack thereof – building up or tearing down physiological headroom? How about what you eat?

What do I mean by physiological headroom? I mean the ability to restore organ capacity. I mean stimulating anabolic growth in your body rather than enduring catabolic destruction. I mean cleaning up your diet to reduce chronic inflammation and decrease the likelihood of developing a chronic disease.

Exercise is the correct balance of challenge and rest, stimulating your body to adapt and grow without exposing yourself to unsustainable risks that will eventually thwart your progress. Demanding muscular work stimulates positive changes in all of your body’s systems. The muscular system is far more important than many think and it is one of the most readily adaptable systems in the body. As such, strengthening this system is essential for building up physiological reserve.

Maintaining muscle and eating nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory foods are the best insurance for a healthy future. And it’s never too late to start.