Can virtual physiotherapy have the same benefits as in-person sessions?

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for telemedicine has grown significantly. This includes physiotherapy. Consultations, diagnoses, and sessions are made convenient and possible with the use of technology.

Since it can be challenging to leave the house with continued concern about the virus, physiotherapists have started offering virtual sessions.

Here at One to One Wellness in Halifax, we value your safety and comfort above all. We’re happy to announce we’re open and fully operational. But if you’re unable to visit, we’re  offering virtual physiotherapy sessions.

You may be wondering if these have the same benefits since physiotherapy is a hands-on procedure. We cover that and more in this post. Let’s dig in.

Is virtual physiotherapy as effective as in-person sessions?

Here are some of the benefits of virtual physiotherapy that show they can be as effective as in-person treatments.

  1. Empowering patients. Physical therapists recommend proper exercise routines and evaluate your progress. This task can be done virtually. You take control of your program with the full guidance and support of your physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist helps you manage your symptoms and perform necessary activities in a comfortable environment. This empowers you to hold yourself accountable to the results of your journey.
  1. Maintaining open lines of communication. The pandemic isn’t the only factor that can cause sessions to be canceled or delayed. Inclement weather, poor road conditions, car failure, and personal schedules can also keep you from going to the physiotherapy clinic. With virtual physiotherapy sessions, you and your physiotherapist can meet anytime, anywhere. You won’t have to worry about the threat of the virus as you’re meeting remotely. You can discuss any concerns and get answers from your physiotherapist in real-time.
  1. Alleviating stress. Virtual physiotherapy offers accessibility and mobility solutions. You’re able to attend your sessions even if you’re located far from your clinic or have no private transportation. Sometimes, finding a schedule that fits so you can be there at the clinic can be a struggle. With virtual sessions, openings become more flexible. Chances are it’ll be a lot easier to book appointments with your preferred physiotherapist. You reduce stress related to booking and transportation and can focus more on your session.
  1. Receiving help immediately. Receiving prompt care and advice is more feasible with virtual meetings. You and your physiotherapist no longer have to worry about the traffic situation, weather, and whatnot. You’re more likely to get to talk to each other immediately. This allows you to receive advice right when you need it, which is even more beneficial if you’re caught in an urgent situation and cannot leave the house.
  1. Ensuring privacy. You may be worried about privacy since you’re doing sessions virtually. At One to One Wellness, rest assured that virtual sessions are private, secure, encrypted, and only your physiotherapist will be on the other line throughout your treatment.
  1. Improving overall health. Maintaining human connection despite the distance improves your overall well-being. Stay-at-home orders may make you feel anxious or stressed at times. Having a professional partner oversee your wellness can keep you calm and relaxed. When the gym or studio you used to frequent are still closed, you can continue to work out using alternatives provided by your physiotherapists.

Even when you’re not interacting with your physiotherapists in person, you still receive individualized treatment plans and recommendations.

You will get the same level of support, perhaps more, as you no longer have to worry about travel times. You can instead use the time to learn more from your physiotherapists, perform exercises on your own, or relax.

Virtual physiotherapy sessions don’t have to be technical

If you’re worried about not being tech-savvy, virtual physiotherapy don’t have to be technical.

With a gadget (whether mobile, desktop, or tablet) and an internet connection, you and your physiotherapist can already hold meetings.

Going digital for your physiotherapy needs may have limitations but it does offer the same level of, and at times even better, benefits. Contact us today at (902) 425-3775 to learn more about virtual physiotherapy sessions.