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Beat the Heat!

By Joline Boudreau, PT It’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago we were chipping away at ice, and spent hours shoveling snow.  If anything, the winter that we had has maybe sparked something in all of us; to get out there and take advantage of our summer and warmer weather.  As someone who enjoys going for runs, cycling, and just being active outdoors I can certainly attest that the hot weather can bring about its own challenges. I decided that I would share...

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Should I stop running?

By David Lee, Physiotherapist It is a common fallacy that running is bad for your joints and accelerates wear and tear. There is, however, no real scientific evidence of this. For the most part, this line of thinking is not true. If done excessively,  running can violate your health, though not really your joint health. It actually has greater impact on muscle health and it can accelerate muscle wasting if dosed incorrectly. Done in the right amount, it can be a great way...

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The Truth About Exercise

The Truth About Exercise Great documentary. We teach the real objective of exercise and how it can efficiently change your body and improve your quality of life. Looking for a personalized exercise prescription? One that’s effective, convenient, and sustainable? Quick clue: Maintain Your Muscle!

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