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Mysterious knee pain and/or swelling?

Without any thorough examination, you may have been given the diagnosis of osteoarthritis and be expected to just live with it. However, you may be experiencing Saphenous Nerve Entrapment. Saphenous nerve entrapment is a frequently overlooked cause of persistent medial (inner) knee pain. I chose to write about it because I saw 2 cases of random knee pain and swelling recently. Nerve entrapment is often the cause of pain when you cannot recall a mechanism of injury. This...

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How to know when I need some help

How to know when I need some help for my pain: We trip, hurt our knee.  Twist a little too far, your back spasms.  That ache in your elbow that used to only be a problem when playing tennis is now bothering you at work and even just reading a book.  Checking my blind spot is nearly impossible now without turning my whole body.     When is it ok to just let things heal in their own time and when do you need to get a professional opinion? The best way to approach this...

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Hurt Versus Harm

Most people that book an initial physiotherapy assessment are in pain. Quite often they do not have mechanism of injury that is apparent to them. It is common to hear, “I’m so sore but I didn’t do anything that I can think of to feel this way”. Not knowing what made them sore in the first place adds fear into the equation. When I ask them what their goals are by seeking help from physiotherapy, they often reply, “I don’t want to do anymore damage or permanent damage...

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Walking: An Exercise or Activity?

I’m often asked “Is walking good for you?” In short, the answer is YES but the rewards and drawbacks of ‘walking for exercise’ depends heavily on the individual. For example, are you are free of injuries or impairments that would cause you to walk with a correction? Do you have a sore heel causing you to put more weight on one leg? Do you experience pain while walking or after? Do you have poor balance and at times worried you might fall? If you’ve...

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Should I stop running?

By David Lee, Physiotherapist It is a common fallacy that running is bad for your joints and accelerates wear and tear. There is, however, no real scientific evidence of this. For the most part, this line of thinking is not true. If done excessively,  running can violate your health, though not really your joint health. It actually has greater impact on muscle health and it can accelerate muscle wasting if dosed incorrectly. Done in the right amount, it can be a great way...

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Break the Ice

Old habits die hard. Ice is used almost universally for treating injuries and pain. I remember in physio school how our go-to response for anyone looking for help was often “just put ice on it.” This weekend, while watching a basketball tournament, I witnessed people rushing for ice packs at the first sign of any inflammation. When will we learn to trust the wisdom of our bodies? Acute inflammation is the body’s way of repairing damaged tissue. Swelling is...

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