Words Matter - Tips for a Healthcare Consultation

Words Matter - Tips for a Healthcare Consultation

When it comes to recovery and rehabilitation, what you hear can be more important than what we say. Given the complexity of pain and many conditions, empowering yourself can start with having a clear understanding of what you are experiencing when you go into a healthcare consultation.

When it comes to health conversations, there are so many opportunities for explanations to be misinterpreted. It is so important you and your healthcare person be on the same page when it comes to the meaning of the words being used.

Here are a couple tips that may come in handy if you feel confused or fearful during/after a healthcare consultation.

  1. Summarize the conversation. Explanations of diagnoses can sound complicated and scary. You want to make sure you understand what was being explained to you. At the end of your session trying something like this: " So what i heard you say is. ..did I understand that correctly?".

  2. Seek Clarity. Medical language is NOT common language and can be confusing and quite honestly terrifying. If you don't understand a word or explanation try this: "I don't quite understand what you mean by...can you please explain what you mean by that".

  3. Take time to reflect and write questions down after your appointment for your next session. Try not to rely on internet searches to find your answers, they may not accurately reflect the intended meaning of your conversation.

Remember, developing a trusted relationship with your healthcare team is important for managing your health and asking these questions can help develop this rapport.

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