Striving To Win The Best Of Halifax In Our Categories But We Need Your Help.

We are once again striving to win the Best Of Halifax in our categories but we can’t do it without your help.

Here are the details:
Voting is done in TWO stages:

  • Stage 1 – nominations… runs from June 1-July 15
  • Stage 2 – final votes… begins August 1 (only the top 6 from the nomination stage will be included on the ballot. So stage 1 is crucial, and then we can send out another plea at August 1 for a final vote)

Tara Patriquin has been voted in the top 3 for 6 years in a row for Best Massage Therapist

Best Massage Therapist category can be found in the “health” section of the voting, here:

This year they are asking “why do you think they’re the best”… so you can include some suggested buzz words like “science based”, “effective”, “compassionate care” and other words that you think best describe me/my massages, and the One to One Wellness team and their services.

Voters have to enter their email address and full name on their FIRST nomination in order to register. After that they can continue through the categories to nominate as many other people as they want in other sections.

Bottom line is we want to encourage you to have your say and help promote/boast our awesome team!