Second Step to Health Empowerment: Movement

Life is movement. Movement is life. Or as one of my wisest friends who is currently regaining mobility after recovering from surgery learned from that experience: if you have a sound body, you should use it.

Movement is often restricted by pain, illness, or sedentary work. Mostly it is restricted simply by not moving enough. And it doesn’t take long for us to feel stiff and tight. Even those who are active or do follow a mobility regimen of some kind are often unaware of their bodies’ instinctive impulses to move and inhibit expression that would lead to greater comfort and adaptive tolerance. Almost all of us have been taught in some way to β€œsit still, sit up straight, and don’t move.” Often those directives come from people who are supposed to be helping free you from pain. At One to One, our approach involves facilitating your body’s natural movement patterns and teaching you the power of authentic physical expression. There is nothing quite like feeling at home in your own body!

Join us on the 27th to explore this and other components of #healthempowerment to learn how you can feel and perform at your best!