Learning Opportunities

Many thanks to those who came to our seminar series β€œUnderstanding and Overcoming Persistent Pain” at the Halifax Library. It was great to help people gain more knowledge about treating and, more importantly, preventing pain. Based on our experience, we know there is a gap in people’s understanding of pain. We wanted to let people know that (1) that they are not alone, (2) that help is available and (3) that it’s possible to regain control over that aspect of life.

Our passion stems from helping people who are suffering with persistent pain live more fulfilled lives. Education, movement, and exercise are key to achieving this. We are firm believers that knowledge is power and it is the first step in gaining freedom from persistent pain.

We were very pleased with the turnout for the last series of workshops and recognize that people want help managing their pain or a loved one’s pain. Here are some upcoming opportunities to learn more:

April 27th at One to One Wellness:
β€œHealth Empowerment: 4 Steps for Shifting From Pain to Performance”

June Seminar Series at the Halifax Library: β€œStrengthen Your Health”

  • Monday, June 5, 7:00pm:  Expressing Authentic Movement
  • Monday, June 12, 7:00pm:  Strength Training for Managing Chronic Conditions
  • Monday, June 19, 7:00pm:  What the Foot: A Game-Changing Philosophy of Human Movement
  • Monday, June 26, 7:00pm: From Pain to Performance 

We will explore different wellness principles and how putting all the pieces together helps to not only overcome pain, but to optimize performance as well. Please come along and bring a friend. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask!