By Joline Boudreau, PT

It’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago we were chipping away at ice, and spent hours shoveling snow.  If anything, the winter that we had has maybe sparked something in all of us; to get out there and take advantage of our summer and warmer weather.  As someone who enjoys going for runs, cycling, and just being active outdoors I can certainly attest that the hot weather can bring about its own challenges. I decided that I would share some tips to help with these hot summer days.  Though they may seem basic, putting these into effect can make a difference.

physiotherapy in Halifax         Wear loosefitting, lightweight clothing

         Protect against sunburn

         Drink plenty of fluids

         Take extra precautions with certain medications

         Take is easy during the hottest parts of the day

I’ve included a link to a short video that describes what happens when you have heat stroke.