Seated Mobility Classes


One to One Wellness is excited to be offering a new seated mobility class starting July 9th, 2024. Regardless of your health status, maintaining and improving mobility is essential for managing pain, long-lasting health, and easing daily living. We realize those with mobility challenges often don’t have the same access to exercise programming.

We know from our work with pain, that movement is critical for easing pain and improving health. We are excited to initiate this new seated mobility program with our Physiotherapist, Judith Abbott. Judith has a wide range of experience and is known for her knowledgeable, compassionate approaches to easing our clients into more activity and wellness. This class is designed to ensure individuals with all abilities and pain levels have a safe place for guided mobility.

Pre Class Requirement

One pre-appointment ndividually with Judith Abbott, our instructor, must be done before the group class, to assess your needs, discuss specific goals, and ensure the program is tailored to what you require.

Course Information

Classes start July 9th, 2024. Classes will be offered on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 am - 10:30am. All classes are held on location at One to One. Because the course is limited to 6-8 participants per class, we recommend registering in advance to guarantee your spot, but drop in is also available.

Cost: $40 per class or save money with our 8-class package for $280.

Insurance Information

These classes are billed as group physiotherapy. Direct billing available for individual classes, or self submit. Individual physiotherapy receipts provided after classes.

Register here or call (902) 425-3775.

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Judith, Physiotherapist

Judith has a passion for teaching and education. She truly enjoys being able to take the time to explain injuries and treatment plans to patients, and seeing clients achieve their goals is very rewarding. Judith has a special interest in the treatment of cancer patients and is an active volunteer in the field. She is also fluent in both French and English.

Before completing her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, Judith completed a Bachelor of Science in Physiology from McGill University. After graduating she worked for over 10 years in both private practise and hospital settings in the fields of sports medicine, orthopaedics, paediatrics and geriatrics. She also had the opportunity to work with a mobile physiotherapy clinic covering sporting events and tournaments. She has taken many different courses over the years in the fields of manual therapy, myofascial release, movement imbalances, exercise prescription as well as completing all McKenzie Levels. She also completed her Leadership Development Certificate at St. Mary’s University in 2009. Judith thoroughly enjoyed a teaching stint at the School of Physical Therapy in Kingston, Jamaica early in her career and she is presently an Instructor with the Dalhousie School of Physiotherapy. In order to continue to grow as a healthcare professional, she is now working on her Level 1 certification in Manual Lymph Drainage.

Along with spending quality time with family and friends, Judith enjoys the outdoors, tennis, volleyball and hiking.

Focus Points: Cancer Rehabilitation, Patello-femoral pain, Osteoarthritis of knees/hips, Frozen Shoulder