As an entrepreneur for over 15 years, Nick is a specialist at turning pain into performance. He has a distinct ability to get to the source of issues, coaching and challenging others to shift direction and make the leap toward greater freedom and prosperity. With deep knowledge in neuroscience, embodied leadership, and business transformation, he creates better alignment and accelerates value creation within organizations.

Nick is the owner of OneUp Fitness and One to One Wellness, as well as a partner and CEO of Shirlaws Canada. Shirlaws is a global group of companies advising private enterprise across the entire business journey from growth to exit. Nick’s primary focus is helping business owners create freedom to move from their work life to their life’s work.

Beyond business, his real life’s work is raising four amazing children along with his wife Lori. They make every day an exciting adventure, an exhausting learning experience, and an inspiring imperative to keep growing!

Nick Matheson coaching

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