Chronic Widespread Pain Treatment in Halifax, NS

A man sitting at his desk holding his jaw in pain.

Chronic pain can make regular activities like going to work and school or taking a shower difficult. Emotional and mental well-being are also affected when pain becomes unmanageable.

Chronic pain can remain even after an injury has healed or an illness has been treated. Sometimes the exact pain trigger is unknown. The pain can last for six months or more and be accompanied by anxiety, depression, disability, and anger.

Chronic widespread pain is often linked to several factors. Aging-related conditions may affect the joints and bones and cause chronic pain. Various issues like back pain, repetitive heavy lifting of objects, obesity, bad posture, poor sleeping position, and traumatic injuries are just a few causes of chronic pain.

It can be difficult to confirm the underlying cause of chronic pain. Sometimes concurrent conditions are involved, such as cancer, AIDS, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. Chronic widespread pain can be very complex which is why health care professionals examine various treatment options.

The condition may persist even when the patient is undergoing treatment. The pain can affect the brain’s nerve cells and make the person highly-sensitive to pain. Studies have also shown low endorphin levels among chronic pain patients.

Chronic Pain Treatments

It’s recommended that a multi-disciplined team provide a comprehensive assessment of your condition. You’ll be better equipped to reach your goals successfully by working with medical, physical, and psychological professionals.

Your treatment will involve a combination of strategies so you can manage chronic pain, reduce disability, and uplift your mood.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

When it comes to widespread chronic pain, a stepwise plan is typically required to push the body to, but not beyond, your limits.

Physiotherapists are licensed professionals who treat chronic pain symptoms and improve their patients’ quality of life. Your physiotherapist can help determine the source of your pain and determine the best treatment plan for you.

They work with you in setting achievable goals that complement your lifestyle, whether that means grocery shopping, walking your dog, or doing homework with your kids. They get you on the road to recovery, reduce any fears you have, and give you back your sense of control.

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