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121 Partners in the Wellness Community of Halifax

One to One Wellness is pleased to welcome Sante Dental as a featured partner. Conveniently located in City Centre Atlantic, on Dresden Row in Halifax, the dental clinic is known for hygiene services and restorative dentistry. Both Dr. Fredette and Dr. Chiasson are long standing members of both Canadian and Nova Scotian Dental...

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Does what you eat affect how you feel?

By Dave Lee, Physiotherapist   Is there a connection between what you eat and your pain? Well here is a potential answer. An in depth look at gut bacteria and its anatomical/physiological connection to the nervous system and the brain. A “Gut” Feeling: How What You Eat May Affect Your Perception of...

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Control Pain So It Does Not Control You

By Joline Boudreau, Physiotherapist Millions of Canadians suffer from pain on a daily basis and is the main reason they come to see physiotherapists.  We strongly believe that knowledge is power and that once you understand what pain is and how complex it is, you can then start taking control of it instead of the pain controlling you. Check out this TEDx video on “Why Things Hurt” to learn...

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Do you suffer from headaches?

By Keltie Cheney, Physiotherapist Every visit I have with a client I ask how they are doing. I often hear, “Oh, pretty good, but I have a headache. I get them all the time but I can’t do anything about it”.  Are headaches supposed to be just a normal part of life, like tired muscles from a tougher-than-usual work-out or sore feet from standing all day?  Well, no actually.  Headaches should not be taken so lightly.  There are many kinds of headaches which mostly classify...

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Golden Years

This week there was an article written about our clinic in The Chronicle Herald. It is nice to have our business recognized for the value we aim to create. That value lies entirely in our ability to positively impact the lives of our clients. The “gold” we really want is for people to be able to enjoy their golden years. As we’ve said before, it’s best to start early, but it’s never too late to start. Proper exercise makes life better now and in the future. It is an...

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Pain & the Brain

Lorimer Moseley is one of the leading researchers in pain science in the world today. Check out this great video lecture from a brilliant researcher and clinician. Pain. Is it all in your mind? Professor Lorimer Moseley Knowledge does indeed work!

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