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Strength Training

Strength Training & Biomarkers of Aging

Skyler Tanner, one of our colleagues at Efficient Exercise in Austin, Texas, has written a terrific summary on the impact of strength training on the biomarkers of aging. The following 10 biomarkers were outlined over 20 years ago by leading researchers at Tufts University: Muscle Mass Strength Basal Metabolic Rate Body Fat Percentage Aerobic Capacity Blood-sugar Tolerance Cholesterol/HDL Ratio Blood Pressure Bone density Ability to regulate Internal Temperature Although it...

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The Truth About Exercise

The Truth About Exercise Great documentary. We teach the real objective of exercise and how it can efficiently change your body and improve your quality of life. Looking for a personalized exercise prescription? One that’s effective, convenient, and sustainable? Quick clue: Maintain Your Muscle!

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Creating Headroom

Is your exercise program – or lack thereof – building up or tearing down physiological headroom? How about what you eat? What do I mean by physiological headroom? I mean the ability to restore organ capacity. I mean stimulating anabolic growth in your body rather than enduring catabolic destruction. I mean cleaning up your diet to reduce chronic inflammation and decrease the likelihood of developing a chronic disease. Exercise is the correct balance of challenge and rest,...

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Strength of Mind and Body

After years of promoting strength training as the “core” of any exercise and activity program, it is gratifying to see the mainstream media is increasingly aware of its importance. The scientific literature has been quite clear on this for a fairly long time. Almost all of the conditions we associate with aging are correlated with a loss of muscle tissue that occurs to everyone who is not engaged in specific and progressive resistance training. This is true regardless of...

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Maintain Your Muscle

Check out this recent artice in the New Your Times  called Doctors Seek Way to Treat Muscle Loss. It is a great overview of the problem we have been trying to make people aware of for a long time. Doctors, however, seem to remain largely unaware of the solution. The article concludes: “Maintaining the muscle is possible,” said Dr. Luigi Ferrucci of the National Institute on Aging, who directs the study, called the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging. “We just don’t know...

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Know Pain, Know Gain

Patrick Wall, one of the world’s most respected researchers in the physiology of pain, once asked, “what are the appropriate motor responses to the arrival of injury signals [and pain]?” In other words, what movement is required to help someone avoid or relieve pain. To me, this ought to be the central question of physiotherapy for painful conditions. Thankfully, an increasing body of knowledge in neurobiology and pain science, is now available to help us answer this...

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