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Shoveling Tips From A Halifax Physiotherapist

Safety tips from Jamie Turnbull, Physiotherapist! Being a physiotherapist in Halifax, Nova Scotia means you see a lot of patients who injure their back shoveling. After experiencing an unusual warm Christmas day, we are now faced with reality… winter is officially here. There is snow on the ground and we will be confronted with having to shovel our driveways on a regular basis. It is this time of year when we will see many people come in with shoulder or back pain...

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Does what you eat affect how you feel?

By Dave Lee, Physiotherapist   Is there a connection between what you eat and your pain? Well here is a potential answer. An in depth look at gut bacteria and its anatomical/physiological connection to the nervous system and the brain. A “Gut” Feeling: How What You Eat May Affect Your Perception of...

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“What position should I sleep in?”

Does it matter to your body what position you sleep in? Well, yes and no. I would like to give you a short answer, but in order to make sense, I am going to have to take the detour route on this one.  Let’s start with a little background and a bit of a review from a prior post (May 2010 “Help Yourself Help Your Neck”). The musculoskeletal system of our body, meaning the stuff we can actually control in some manner (good luck altering the position of you liver…) is made up...

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A Healthier Nova Scotia…Wellness!

By Nick Matheson, Owner It was eleven years ago; a birthday truly worth celebrating. My oldest daughter, Maryn, had reached a milestone. Three years old and she was cancer free. Born with a rare tumour in her liver, the disease had progressed to her lungs, reaching stage 4, before we had the good fortune of an accidental discovery. A fall on her belly a few months previous ruptured the tumour, threw her into shock, and propelled our family into a 4-month sprint to conquer...

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My Shoulder is Frozen?

There is an awful condition called adhesive capsulitis, or more commonly referred to as frozen shoulder, that shows up in about 2% of the population, mostly between ages 40 and 60, and more often women than men.  It is associated with stiffness and pain in your shoulder and can be treated in many manners with relatively the same outcome.  Unfortunately, the outcome, which is usually that the pain and stiffness resolve, doesn’t happen very quickly, often requiring 2-3 years...

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Gardening Tips

By Jamie Turnbull, Physiotherapist The weather is warming up and many of us are spending more time in our gardens lately. This can involve a range of activities from light to heavy tasks. It is easy to sustain an injury or feel pain with awkward movements, too much loading, or sustained postures. Adhering to some simple principles will minimize your risk and allow you to get outside and enjoy your garden all summer long. Do not bend over too far when doing a pulling...

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