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Living Well With Chronic Pain

As this fantastic reflection demonstrates, being more empowered to manage pain and promote better health does not necessarily mean cure. The often elusive search to be “fixed” or even labelled with a diagnosis, can be a surrender of your ability to live well in spite of limitations you experience. We generally see that some improvement in symptoms and/or function is almost always possible; however, it always begins with accepting where you are and working from there. Nothing “works” except to the degree that you work...

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Fourth Step to Health Empowerment: Metabolism

Metabolism is the sum total of all the physiological and chemical processes happening in your system. It’s energy management within your body and involves a balance of build up (anabolic) and breakdown (catabolic). This process is impacted by nutrition, activity, recovery, drugs, aging, sleep, disease, and more. Managing these lifestyle factors effectively is essentially to achievement of wellness goals. Sustainable results are driven by changes happening at the cellular level though energy production and utilization.  Lots more detail to explore here and it brings us back to the beginning of the #healthempowerment cycle. Of course, your body’s chemistry significantly influences your #mindset and behaviors as well as being impacted by...

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Third Step to Health Empowerment: Muscle

When your natural growth rate stops, your body begins to lose muscle unless you are doing something to slow or reverse this process. Known as #sarcopenia, this is the common link to almost everything we call “aging” and is also highly correlated with many chronic diseases. In most people, this process begins in the mid-20’s and accelerates every decade, eventually leading to the loss of functional ability that many consider a normal part of getting older. Thankfully, this can almost be completely avoided and if you #maintainyourmuscle you have a much better chance of remaining healthy and active well into your elder years.  When you properly stimulate the muscular system with progressive resistance to #growstronger, you also enhance bone density, improve cardiovascular function, and support joint function. Strength training may not quite be the #fountainofyouth, but it’s the closest thing we currently have. #healthempowerment #strengthenyourhealth  OneUp...

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Second Step to Health Empowerment: Movement

Life is movement. Movement is life. Or as one of my wisest friends who is currently regaining mobility after recovering from surgery learned from that experience: if you have a sound body, you should use it.  Movement is often restricted by pain, illness, or sedentary work. Mostly it is restricted simply by not moving enough. And it doesn’t take long for us to feel stiff and tight. Even those who are active or do follow a mobility regimen of some kind are often unaware of their bodies’ instinctive impulses to move and inhibit expression that would lead to greater comfort and adaptive tolerance. Almost all of us have been taught in some way to “sit still, sit up straight, and don’t move.” Often those directives come from people who are supposed to be helping free you from pain. At One to One, our approach involves facilitating your body’s natural movement patterns and teaching you the power of authentic physical expression. There is nothing quite like feeling at home in your own body! Join us on the 27th to explore this and other components of #healthempowerment to learn how you can feel and perform at your...

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